What is your priority?

It is common to hear people talking about work-life balance and complain that their work is too stressful. Such a message is mostly coming from people who are currently at work. I remember an article from Mr. Lee Hok Yu that mentioned what you think is most important? A wealthy man who is very ill […]

HR Audit – What is the benefit, and when is the right time?

Depending on our age group, it carries the same logic and benefit when we attend our medical health check annually or once every two years.  The doctor will suggest what we need to eat, exercise, or medication to keep ourselves healthy or prepare us to nurture a family with the health report. For a new […]

Treasure All We Have and Share Your Love

Today we all live in a challenging environment: COVID-19 affects all human beings across the globe. Ida came in with a storm and flood that brought significant damage and separation. Many people experienced life and death and family separation in Afghanistan.   With all these happening surrounding us, we must treasure what we have today […]

COVID-19 – Life Changes for All of Us

In Singapore, we are fortunate to have our highly supportive government and nations working and cooperating to fight the pandemic. It is a challenging journey, but we are confident in our government who works beyond the clock and exercises excellent care to give us a safe living environment and a great platform to operate our […]

We all have our potential

I listened to the story of Ms. Lei Qingyao recently: A young lady lost both her hands at the age of 3 due to a tragic accident.  Surprisingly, Ms. Lei did not give up her life and dream. She used her feet to learn how to write, paint, carry chopsticks to eat and dress. Ms. Lei had her bachelor’s […]

Employee Engagement – How?

Employee Engagement – How? Many organizations spend extra resources engaging their employees via changing company culture, deploying extra effort in communication to different levels of employees, promoting work-life balance and caring for employees’ well-being, Etc. However, the result might vary from company to company. The leadership team is the key contributor to engage employees daily […]

What could you bring VALUE to my business?

What could you bring VALUE to my business? Our service will have a significant impact on your business. We help you achieve higher EBITA Margin/Sales/Customer Satisfaction & Retention.

Employment opportunities

A friend of mine recently expressed his concern about employment opportunities as mechanical engineering graduated student. He is an international student living outside of his motherland, not a native local speaker, does not have any heritage influence or connection from his family to the society or network locally in association with the economy’s recession. The […]