What Our Clients
Say About Us.

Fleex Lee
Managing Director
Verleytech Pte Ltd

We are expanding our F&B business in Singapore. With the new outlet in operation, we would like to focus on our core and outsource the payroll process to maximize our productivity. We approached Authentic HR Consultancy to explore the idea of payroll outsourcing, and we are glad that we have made the right decision. They have provided us excellent service, timely submission of relevant documents, and bank transfers every month. They also offer complementary services to review our Letter of Appointment and provide professional advice to ensure we have all the correct language for MOM compliance.Recently we anticipated staff attrition in the kitchen, and we engaged Authentic HR Recruitment for the placement. They listen carefully to our needs and understand the urgency. We are delighted that they identified a suitable candidate within four days.
We must admit that Authentic HR Consultancy/Authentic HR Recruitment has out-performed the assignments throughout the process, from shortlisted potential candidates to making the offer proposal for us to present to the successful candidate.
We highly recommend Authentic HR Consultancy/Authentic HR Recruitment services to any SMEs or new start-up companies in Singapore. It is essential to note that their services are customized and practical, and their fees are cost-effective.

Jinyi Goh
Managing Director
Gohing Singapore Pte Ltd

As the owner of Gohing Home Pte Ltd since 2006, we have been handling student guardianship and educational services for the past 15 years. Sales have been steady, and we believe now is the right time to plan for growth. To excel, we need to lay the foundation for healthy, long-term growth. With that in mind, I engaged the services of Authentic HR Consultancy for an HR audit. My objective is to identify compliance gaps and room for continuous improvement. I realize that the audit went very smoothly. Anna personally went through all the audit questions, brought all the issues to my attention, and worked together with me to close all the gaps. The overall audit process and follow-up activities lasted for 2-3 weeks. Authentic HR Consultancy has exceeded my expectation in reviewing our employment template, providing us the template for Employee Handbook, and help me to understand the difference between contract of service vs. contract for service.
Now I have a structured organization chart, employment documentation process, employee benefits schedule. To allow me more time to focus on my business development, I also outsource my company payroll to Authentic HR. Now, I am relaxed to concentrate on building my business development strategy. I feel great when coming to the end of the month. For example, I won’t need to rush and jumped to calculate the monthly payroll and ease my pain in CPF calculation. I am delighted to recommend Authentic HR Consultancy to any companies that need immediate HR customized HR solutions either in short-term pain or planning for growth.