Talent Mobility

Understanding Relocation Expectations

Bespoke program

One-stop service and single point contact

Quality and cost competitive

Dedication and accountable

Saving – Spend less, Achieve more

Seamless and flawless

Pre-Assignment Trip

Airport pick-up and drop-off

Meet and greet your assignees and their lovely dependents upon arrival

City Tour & Cultural Orientation

Bespoke for family

Show the key areas of interest

Understand local dynamics

Immigration & Visa

Collaborate with the client and assignees to collect documentation and manage the entire visa and immigration process.

House Hunting

Negotiate and secure the appropriate housing

Prepare a few (8-12) suitable housings to view

Guide to sign the lease agreement

International School

Check relevant seat availability

Schedule school appointment

Accompany to visit

Obtain admission letter

Check payment status


Temporary Living Assistance

Identify comfortable apartments for an interim stay

Support check-in and out

Settling-In Services

Accompany to open a bank account

Assist Security Deposit, check-in, and open utilities account

Arrange home furniture rental while waiting for shipment

Engage with landlord and handyman to fix home maintenance issue

Optional Service

Guide to obtain a local driving license

Manage expenses for relocation

Provide car leasing service

Support to identify foreign domestic helper

Repatriation / Relocation for new assignment


Household Goods Shipment

Take care of every step and coordinate the intricate details involved

Manage in and out complex customs documentation, regulations, and clearance

Arrange destination warehouse service

Pet Relocation

Work with the assignees through all relocation procedures

Obtain dog license

Provide door to door service

Check Out

Terminate lease agreement and recover deposit money

Arrange cleaning service before handover

Cancel utility accounts, insurance, bank account, domestic helper, car leasing

Provide pre-check out and check out service

Cancel Employment Pass

Send the assignees and their family for departure

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